About Us

Mrs. Nalini Elvino de Sousa – The Managing Director
Mrs. Nalini Elvino de Sousa
John – The Cameraman cum Musician
Mr. John Lino D' Mello
Gasper D'Souza
Namitha Nair

About us (The Team)

Lotus Film & TV production is an international film production agency located in Goa at Dona Paula having its business & production links with Europe and India.

Lotus Film & TV Production under the able & enterprising leadership of Managing Director, Mrs. Nalini Elvino de Sousa and her professional film making team, offers audio – visual services of production in the Indian sub-continent. Lotus is a producer of televiLotus Film & TV productionsion and cinema, hosted at Dona Paula near the capital city of Panjim in Goa, India.

The Lotus Team

Mrs. Nalini Elvino de Sousa – The Managing Director

Of Goan lineage, Nalini moved to Goa in 1998. She is a multi-faceted personality who delves wholeheartedly into many projects and activities in media and education. She has directed, anchored and produced over 100 episodes of the series “Contacto Goa” For RTPi. Besides producing short films for IFFI (International Film Festival of India) and series for local television under the Lotus Films & TV Production banner, Nalini has been in the midst of most things Indo-Portuguese, including owning a shop, ‘A Nau’. She is the manager of Communicare Trust and head of Lotus Libri, a publishing enterprise. She is married to Dr. Bossuet Afonso and has two children, Anish and Maya.

John – The Cameraman and Musician.

A photographer, musician and videographer by profession, each project offers a fresh creative platform to express himself. He has travelled extensively through Europe, the Gulf countries and in India and is a world citizen. He enjoys interacting with people as he finds each one to be new experience... and learns from them.

Gasper D'Souza

A documentary film editor and filmmaker, Gasper has worn many hats in film production from research, shooting to post production. He's produced short features as a solo video journalist for Euronews TV (France) and worked on a number of documentary film and corporate video projects for McGee Media (USA), Park Hyatt (India), Child Rescue Charitable Trust, Caritas International among others.
With the experience, Gasper today specialises in documentary film and television editing. 

Namitha Nair

Namitha Nair was born and raised in Goa.  She is a business graduate and works as a project manager with Communicare Trust, an NGO in Goa. She is passionate about numerous things. She loves to travel, read, dance, watch Netflix, meet new people, workout, cook and watch sunsets. She believes that a person can have more than one passion in their lifetime and that they can be good at all of it. Namitha started videography recently and feels that this could be her new passion, which she is willing to pursue with all her heart and soul. 

As far as the lens can go…………………..

Lotus film & TV productions imbibes their inspiration from the simple yet magnificent Lotus flower. As a committed & dedicated team towards film production, Lotus would like to inspire people to continue striving & endeavoring through life’s difficulties and to demonstrate their finest part to the outside world, no matter how bad the circumstances may be.

Just as any Lotus flower dawns to beauty from the shadows of many ponds, so also in a similar fashion, it’s the desire and mission of Lotus Film & TV Production through their many documentaries and video productions to help people to bring their ideas to light.

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