Lotus Films 2008


Episode 1:Tourism in Goa

Duration: 27 min 25”

This episode focused on a very enterprising family – the Timblo family connected to the mine business as well as tourism for more than 2 decades.

Three grand celebrations were also tackled: Id (muslim celebration), Holi (Hindu festival) and Easter (resurrection of Christ).

Episode 2: Media

Duration: 27 min 30”

This episode focused on Sigmund D’Souza who guided us through the media in Goa – not only newspapers but also TV channels.

We also meet Deviprasad Rao, a young Indian artist. 

Episode 3: Contemporary Arts

Duration: 28 min

This episode focused on contemporary art in Goa and some of the representatives of the goanavant guard such as Francis Desousa, Verodina Desousa, Wendell Rodricks, Théodore Mesquita, Margareth Mascarenhas and Mafalda Mascarenhas.

Episode 4: Architecture of Goa.

Duration: 29 min

This episode focused on architecture of Goa. We meet Goan and Portuguese personalities such as Ruben Vasco da Gama who recovered an old palace that belonged to a Portuguese priest  – Palácio do Deão, Prof. Dr. Paulo Varela Gomes, Ex-Delegate of Fundação Oriente and professor of History and Architecture- architect Bruno Souza among many others

Episode 5: Contemporary Goan Architecture.

Duration: 31 min 30”

This episode focused on Contemporary Goan Architecture. We meet the new generation of  Goan architects such as Gerard da Cunha, Dean D’Cruz and Tulio de Sousa and get to know their work in Goa.

You will be surprised to find out also, that many indian elements of the temples are found in Goan churches.

Episode 6: Manohar Parrikar

Duration: 26 min 28”

In this episode we meet a very well known politician in Goa: Manohar Parrikar.

Episode 7: Identity

Duration: 28 min 09”

This episode focused on 3 important moments of Goan history: The Opinion Poll in 1967, The Language Issue in 1987 and the Save Goa Movement (GBA) in 2007. Prajal Sakardhande, Ritu Prasad and Pundalik Naik talked about these three great achievements in the History of Goa.

Episode 8: Bollywood I

Duration: 30 min 28”

This episode focused on the influence of Goan musicians in Bollywood industry. The directors Shyam Benegal and Partho Ghosh, musician Remo Fernandes, Musical Director Vanraj Bhatia, author of tiatr and music Tomazinho Cardoso and Professor Rafael Fernandes are the interviewees of the program.

Episode 9: Bollywood II

Duration: 30 min 17”

This episode focused on the representations of Goans in Bollywood cinema. Our interviewees were among others: the directors Shyam Benegal and Partho Gosh as well as professor Rafael Fernandes.

Episode 10: Spices

Duration: 27 min 59”

In this episode we explored Savoi plantation guided by Miguel Braganza who revealed to us some curiosities about spices, exotic fruits and vegetables used in the Goan cuisine.

Episode 11: Heritage

Duration: 29 min 21”

In this episode we explored the meaning of Heritage. Something that belongs to all of us. Our special guests: Heta Pandit, Raya Sankhwalkar and Percival Noronha.

Episode 12: Alternative medicine

Duration: 28 min 51”

This episode focused on the alternative medicine practiced in Goa , namely Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Yoga. Our special guests: Riya Untawale, Dr. Dileep Senan, Minakshi Singh and Dr. S. K. Sawaikar.

Episode 13:Goan Cuisine

Duration: 25 min 53”

This episode focused on Goan gastronomy. What makes Goan food so special? Meet Suzette Martins, Vasco Silveira, Margarida Távora and Joe Martins and find out some of their culinary secrets!

Episode 14:Tourism

Duration: 31 min 13”

This episode focused on Goan Tourism. What kind of tourists visit Goa and why do they come to Goa? Our 3 travellers: Evgenia, Maria João and Rui gave us some hints.

Episode 15: Diwali

Duration: 25 min 53”

Everywhere in India, by the end of October, beginning of November, we can see huge effigies of hay being constructed.  It’s 8 days and more of hard work that is burnt to the ground. Why? It’s a very interesting story.

Episode 16:Goan Costumes

Duration: 29 min 51”

In this episode we talked about Indian clothes and it’s relation with Indian traditions and costumes: the importance of the mangalsutra, bangles, kumkum and other ornaments as well as the evolution of Goan clothes since 12th century till today.
Our guests: Fashion designer- Wendell Rodricks; director of Goa State Museum- Radha Bhave; creator of Big Foot – Jocelino Mahendra Alvares, pandit Premanand Bhat and jeweler Abhay Karekar.

Episode 17: Garcia deOrta

Duration: 26 min 41”

In this episode we “travelled” to 16th century and meet a great Humanist – Garcia de Orta. The botanist who wrote “Os Colóquios dos Simples, das Drogas e Cousas Medicinais na India” ; but also travelled in this Era, from Japan to Goa, and got to know a contemporary art form – Butoh dance.

Two different journeys, but very close to each other.

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