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Episode 43: St. Estevan Island

Duration: 28 min 56”

If you look at the map you may not find them, but all together there are 20 islands in Goa. One of the smallest one is the island of St. Estevam or Jua. Around 870 hectares and 5000 inhabitants. It is known as “A Ilha Verde”.

Episode 44: Divar Island

Duration: 28 min 02”

Divar or Diwadi means in Konkani “The land of the Gods”; a magical place with a unique flora and fauna; an island to return in search of the lost childhood memories. For those who don’t know the island, the discovery of an untouched nature.

Episode45: St. Jacinto Island

Duration: 27 min 51”

St. Jacinto is known as the Island of mystery. With a population of only 150 members it catches your eye while driving down to Panjim.

Episode 46: Legends of Goa I

Duration: 27 min 47”

Goa is land full of legends and myths. A lake that bubbles mysteriously and sculptures more than 2000 years old are some of the beauties of Goa.

Episode47: Legends of Goa II

Duration: 28 min

Goa is land full of legends and myths. A land which has always a story to tell us. In this episode we went right to the border of Goa to find a place with million bells and we found a goddess with a tilted head.

Episode 48 : Carnival

Duration: 27 min 58”

Carnival is a time of fun and frolic. In this episode we analyzed the roots of the Indo-portuguese Carnival.

Episode 49 : Musical Instruments

Duration : 29 min 39”

Goans have music running in their veins. Almost every Goan knows how to play a musical instrument or know how to sing.

What musical instrument is favoured by Goans ?

Episode 50: Best of Episodes

Duration: 29 min 01”

The best of Contacto Goa in our 50th documentary since we started.

We have chosen snippets from some of the older episodes and highlighted them in this series.

Episode 51: Seven Sisters

Duration: 28 min 11”

We are taking you to discover the stories hidden behind a family who has reached to Goa from the Ghats. They fell in love by the beauty of Goa and lived here ever after. They were seven sisters and one brother: Kelbai, Lairai, Morjai, Our Lady of Miracles, Mahamaya, Shitala, Angedipa and Khetoba.

Episode 52: Cashew and Coconut

Duration : 29 min 36”

There is nothing like coconut water. For those who prefer hard liquor, then cashew feni is the right choice; but the cashew or the coconut tree can do much more than just killing our thirst. From the roots, to the leafs and shell, everything can be used and re-used.

Episode 53: Herbal Medicines

Duration : 28 min 06”

We have always taken the kitchen and  garden for granted, so we have met a few people who use herbs and plants in medication and even  few doctors who consult and suggest. 

Nature sometimes can be of great help.    

Episode 54: Mormugao Taluka

Duration : 30 min 27”

Goa has many talukas, each one with their own history and beauty. In this episode we explored Mormugao – the smallest of all talukas.

Episode 55: Pernem Taluka

Duration : 27 min 17”

Contacto team went to Pernem. A beautiful land, covered with palm trees and with a lifestyle that takes us back in time.

Episode 56: Tiswadi Taluka I

Duration : 27 min 23”

This time we explored the taluka of Tiswadi, a place buzzing with activity, but also where you can find some peace.

Episode 57: Tiswadi Taluka II

Duration : 28 min 29”

Contacto Goa team continues its journey through Tiswadi taluka.

Episode 58: Sattari

Duration : 29 min 09”

“Contacto Goa” team continue its journey through the talukas of Goa. This time we visited Sattari taluka. One of the most peaceful talukas of Goa, full of trees, little rivulets and mountains.

Episode 59: Bardez

Duration: 28 min 24”

“Contacto Goa” team continue its journey through the talukas of Goa. This time we visited Bardez taluka.

Episode 60: Salcete

Duration : 27 min 33”

This time we visited Salcete taluka. Excellent food, good music and unique places.
Don’t miss it.

Episode 61: Ponda

Duration : 28 min 33”

A visit to Ponda taluka. This is the taluka with the maximum number of temples.

Episode 62: Bicholim

Duration : 27 min 13”

“Contacto Goa” team continue its journey through the talukas of Goa. This time we visited Bicholim taluka.

Episode 63 : Canacona

Duration : 27 min 14”

A visit to Canacona taluka, right in the south of Goa.

Episode 64: Sanguem

Duration : 27 min 49”

This time we visited Sanguem taluka.

Episode 65: Sagres

Duration : 28 min 19”

The Sagres ship was anchored in Goa and we couldn’t miss out this opportunity to visit it.
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