Lotus Films 2011


Episode 66: Kerala I

Duration:31 min 18”

Contacto Goa decided to leave Goa and head off to the south of India: Kerala – the land of spices.

Episode 67: Kerala II

Duration: 31 min 21”

“Contacto Goa” team is still in Kerala, this time to meet the Anglo-Indian community. Don’t miss it.

Episode 68: Quepem

Duration: 29 min 36”

We visited the last taluka of our Goa: Quepem.

Episode 69: Languages

Duration: 28 min 27”

Goa is a multi lingual state. One can hear people talking in  Konkani, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese and even French. Why is that so?

Episode 70: Canons of Goa

Duration: 30 min 29”

The Portuguese presence in Goa open a new chapter in the military field. This time the “Contacto Goa” team decided to explore the cannons of Goa. This episode was dedicated to our colleague and friend Jude Fernandes who expired on 8th February 2011.

Episode 71: Makers of World

Duration: 27 min 25”

Carpenters, jewellers, blacksmiths among many other artisans created what it’s called today Indo-Portuguese art. In this episode we found out about each of these art forms and what the future holds for them.

Episode 72: Trade Routes of Goa

Duration: 30 min 39”

In Goa, earlier, as in the rest of the world, people traded goods and services by way of the barter system. This led to the setting up of the trade routes and next to them the markets appeared. And what did they trade in?

Title: Abir

Duration: 17min

Things go awry for 12 year old Abir when his coach tells him that he needs to have his football gear in place, something which Abir can ill-afford to buy, if he wants to play at the prestigious Jeet Football Cup, a title which has so far eluded their school. In this inspiring story, watch out how Abir’s friends and mentor, Chandan, help Abir, a small boy from a tribal goat rearing community, make it to the game.

The International Centre Goa organized from 17th to 21st December 2011, the second edition of Goa Arts & Literary Festival. Lotus Film & TV Production was responsible for the recording of all the events. It was a great opportunity for the team to interact with great writers like Teju Cole, Sonia Faleiro or Zac O Yeah. Snippets of theirs talks can be seen in the videos below.

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