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rivers of goa
rivers of goa

Rivers of Goa, India, 27 min 30’’, 2009

Brief Summary of the documentary: Rivers of Goa India, 27 min 30sec, 2009.  

Featured in the International Film Festival of India 2010 (Goa’s Vashuda awards section) and Nashik International Film Festival 2012, this film looks at the rivers of Goa as the veins of the Goan economy. Fishing and agriculture depend on the waters that flow through, but also more importantly, mining and tourism. This documentary illustrates the importance of rivers in keeping the heart of Goa beating.

Director & anchor: Nalini Elvino de Sousa.
Production: Lotus Film & TV Production
Producers: Jude Fernandes and Nalini Elvino de Sousa
Photography: Jude Fernandes.
Editor: Prasheela Achrekar
Nirmala Sawant, Sangeeta Sonak, Shaba Tari, Rajendra Parrikar, Claude Alvares, Carmo D'Souza, Sanjeev Naik, Simachus Fernandes and Asha Rani.

Rivers of Goa – A meandering journey.


rivers of goa




Goa is amply blessed by the rain gods, which has led to the creation of nine major rivers and many more tributaries, criss crossing the ever green landscape of this Konkan region.

09 Rivers of Goa

Terekhol, Chapora, Baga, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Saleri, Talpona, Galgibaga are the major nine rivers of Goa. Out of nine rivers, six originate and flow exclusively inside the state borders and do not have any regional interstate implications. Interesting to note is that, the river Terekhol and Chapora begin or start in neighboring Maharashtra state while Mandovi originates in Karnataka.

Rivers of Life

As the river meanders and makes its way towards its final destination of merging with the Arabian Sea, they touch and bless many of the interior hinterland villages of Goa.

Directly or indirectly the 383 villages of North & South Goa are totally dependent for their daily dose of life sustaining drinking water from one of these nine rivers of Goa.

Tidal as well as Rain-fed

Goa’s rivers are unique as they are both tidal as well as Rainfed.  In Goa, during monsoon, water within the watershed areas is drained out through the major rivers to the sea. The rivers of Goa are affected by the tidal inflow up to the distance of 40Km inland towards the rivers interiors.

Goa’s economy is dependent on River Navigation

The 172 plus wonderful beaches of Goa sprinkled continuously along the 105 kms of Goan coastline has somehow overshadowed the 09 magnificent rivers of Goa, its many tributaries and backwaters which tend to remain in the backdrop of Goa due to the high thrust given towards beach tourism.

Goa has a network of Inland Waterways, navigable throughout the year in all seasons. These rivers are used for transporting the heavy and bulky mineral ores from interior parts up to the Mormugao Harbor which is one of the major economic activities of the State. Goa exports around 40 million metric tons of iron ore every year.  Overshadowed by Tourism again, Mining in Goa is the second largest industry and is totally dependent for its regular barge movements on the major rivers of Goa.

Rivers – Transporting people to villages.

The River Navigation Department, located at Betim in the state of Goa is mainly involved in the operation of ferry services in the inland waters of Goa for commuters, travelers and village residents living in the islands and across the rivers not connected by roads and modern bridges as yet. Currently the River Navigation Department of Goa provides services on 19 routes within the State of Goa with a fleet of 38 vessels comprising of 37 ferry boats and 1 launch. These are the metal ferry’s that have some romantic character to them, while transporting people & vehicles over the rivers.

Houseboats on Goa’s Rivers

Unknown to many, Goa is not lagging far behind from Kerala in providing wholesome & relaxing entertainment to its myriads of tourists that flock to Goa. Besides the ever popular sunset cruises organized at Panjim jetty, entrepreneurs have jumped into the rivers –so to say – to provide wooden houseboat tours on the backwaters of Goa. For a delectable choice of houseboat rides please visit some of the sites offering houseboat tourism such as http://www.justasaiil.com/, http://proudmaryhouseboat.com/, http://www.goayacht.com/, http://www.johnboattours.com/

What we humans give in return to the ever giving rivers?

As a human component in this human ecosystem, we are the most selfish. We are always taking something from the rivers and in return we are not giving anything good or sustainable back. We are known to be complacent when it comes to pollution, depositing wastes in the flowing rivers, illegally extracting sand from the river beds, depositing mining rejects along the river beds and the list could go on and on. We need to make a healthy start of at least maintaining and preserving what we have in hand – the beautiful rivers of Goa.


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