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Water, Goa, India, 23 min 20’’, 2010

Brief Summary of the documentary: Water, Goa, India, 23 min 20’’, 2010.  

Water is the basis of life on earth. This valuable resource is freely available to us, but yet we face an extreme shortfall in supply. Water harvesting is the solution and has been practiced for years. However, in today’s modern world, these systems are slowly forgotten. This documentary aims to revive this ancient tradition and give solution for living a wawater resources of goater stress – free life.

Water Harvesting

Water is life.  3/4ths of the earth is covered by water. Water is the most natural resources for all life on earth. It is constantly in motion; it evaporates as vapor from the oceans lakes and rivers, and is transpired from plants, condenses in the air and falls as rain, then moves over through the ground into water bodies, till the cycle begins again. There always has been plenty of fresh water on earth but it is not always available when and where it is needed.

We all know about water as mentioned above. But we easily tend to forget that drinking or potable water is not INFINITE.  Water must be considered as a finite (limited) resource that has limits and boundaries to its existence.

The state of Goa is located on the west coast of India and receives abundant rainfall from the south west monsoonal rains.  The Konkan belt locked between the Shayadri range on the eastern side and Arabian Sea on the west is very conducive for relieving the heavy moisture laden winds of the monsoons. Rainfall is usually heavier along the mountain ranges and on its western slopes which gradually reduces towards the coastal plains.

Topographically, the state of Goa can be divided into three distinct regions:

The coastal plains, the inter –mediate sub mountainous regions, and the interior hilly region, ranging from 300 meters as to 1200 meters in elevation in height.

In between, rivers, rivulets and streams are an abundant source of water supply all regions of the state.
Rain Water harvesting is an activity of direct collection of rain water that can either be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the ground water.

This documentary, Water Produced by Lotus Film & TV Production, Goa studies the different ways one can harvest water all over Goa, not only at individual level but also at the village level and at the government level of this tiny state of Goa.

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