Meaning of Life

The team of Lotus Film & TV Production supported the team “The Meaning of Life” (O Sentido da Vida)  as local producers.  This is a documentary on the making of the film by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes which will be released in 2017. Their journey in Goa with us was featured on the Portuguese TV Channel: SIC.


Caught Red Handed

This film is a well played humor short movie trying to promote awareness created by avoiding garbage on the streets and polluting the river. This story depicts a situation where a man (Swapnil Salkar) is being caught by the wrong reasons all because someone kept a plastic bag on the road.

The policeman (Kiran Bhandari) thinks the worst about the man who meanwhile is chasing a woman (Cecu Costa).

Institutional video for Mandovi Drydocks 

A short video of 8min was done for Mandovi Drydocks to portray the diverse work that this company has been engaged in for more than 20 years – a ship building, ship repairing, structural engineering and barge owner company well known in Goa


Episode 1

Oscar Nazareth – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Oscar Nazareth creates a liqueur named Armada. An old Portuguese recipe with an Indian flavor.
Find out more in this program.


Episode 2

Diniz Sanches – Hora dos Portugueses

Portuguese choreographer who has been working in India. This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.



Episode 3

Teaching Portuguese in Goa – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Portuguese teacher who has given a new life to Portuguese language in Goa. This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.


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