Projects 2016


Episode 4

Fado in Goa – Hora dos Portugueses

The teaching of Portuguese language has been a way to take fado (Portuguese traditional song) to new heights. Marina Nédio talks about her experience and Nadia Rebelo about her career as a “fadista”. This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.

Episode 5

Eduardo and Fernanda Souto – Hora dos Portugueses

They travelled through the whole of India on a small scooter completing more than 110,000 km. This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.

Episode 6

Carlos Barroca – Hora dos Portugueses

Is a well known personality of RTP and now he is in Mumbai as Vice President of NBA.  This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.

Episode 7

Gonçalo Morna – Hora dos Portugueses

Opened a pastry shop called “Nata” where he sells the famous pastéis de nata. This short documentary is part of RTPi ‘s program Hora dos Portugueses.

Traditional Taste of Goa

Is a book to be released in October 2016 which includes 133 traditional Goan recipes. This book will contain a DVD produced by Lotus Film & TV Production explaining the preparation of 13 dishes.  The original book was in English but was translated to Portuguese. The DVD includes Portuguese subtitles

Episode 8

Ana and Rahool Panandiker – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Ana e Rahool Panandiker are a great support to the Portuguese community in Mumbai.


We met them there. This is their story.


This episode is part of the series Hora dos Portugueses and was broadcasted on RTPi on 25th February 2016.

Episode 9

Festival da Lusofonia – Hora dos Portugueses

We met Emidio Josine - a Mozambican photographer, Nuno Caldeira and Catarina Duarte from Portugal amongst others.

The result is this.

This episode is a part of a series by the name Hora dos Portugueses and was broadcasted on RTPi on 29th February 2016.

Episode 10

Leonel da Silva – Hora dos Portugueses

Leonel da Silva opened a place in Anjuna where he sells grilled chicken cooked the Portuguese way. He shares the space with another Portuguese who sells the famous "pastéis de nata". We met him.

This episode is part of a program called Hora dos Portugueses and was broadcasted on RTPi on 17th march 2016.

Episode 11

Eurico Gonçalves - Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Eurico Gonçalves Hora dos Portugueses in Goa is back again. Eurico Gonçalves was the national champion of longboard in Portugal in 2008 and now is in Mandrem (Goa) to teach surf.

Catch the wave with Eurico Gonçalves.

Image by John Lino, editing by Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Episode 12

Rui Bastos – Hora dos Portugueses

Rui Bastos is living proof of the old saying "it's a small world after all" Not only is he a Portuguese citizen working for an Indian Business Giant, Reliance India, he is also working to connect the remotest corners of this ever growing country to the internet through easy access to 4G across the country.But his most precious use of this technology is to keep in touch with his family in Portugal. Watch to see how he is attempting to integrate cultures and international capabilities though the latest technology. 

This program was telecast on RTPi on 5th April 2016 on Hora dos Portugueses

Episode 13

Natacha de Sá – Hora dos Portugueses

Natacha de Sá is a charismatic figure who live in Mumbai and runs the famous nightclub: Trilogy.

Learn more about Natacha in this video.
This program was telecasted on RTPi on 28th April 2016 on Hora dos Portugueses

Trilogy Nightclub – Mumbai

Trilogy Nightclub - Mumbai

Video produced by Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Image by John Lino 

Editing and VFX by Gasper D'Souza.


Episode 14

Carla Teixeira - Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Carla Teixeira lives in Pune and is the driving force of the first Vivafit gym that has opened recently in this city.
She is a very simple, humble and warm person. 
We went to meet her.



Episode 15

Patricia Abrantes – Hora dos Portugueses

Patricia Abrantes, daughter of Portuguese emigrants, was born in Switzerland. She fell in love with India and decided to live in Pune with her fiancée, which interestingly in Indian.


Episode 16

Sidh Mendiratta – Hora dos Portugueses

Sidh Mendiratta is doing his Phd about the presence of Portuguese in Mumbai and travels a lot between Goa and Mumbai. During these journeys, he not only researches about the history of Portuguese in India but also organizes workshops and conferences. We met him in one of these conferences


Episode 17

Sonia Shirsat – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Sonia Shirsat has a new project: Fado in the city. The aim is to create a new audience and new fado singers. The project is halfway through and has met with a lot of success.



Episode 18

Gilda Machado – Hora dos Portugueses

Gilda Machado - the dynamic Portuguese teacher of Chowgule College.
This is her story.


Episode 19

Nostalgia – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Nostalgia is a reference restaurant in Goa. If you want to savor some of the best Goan food available in Goa, than Nostalgia is the best place to come. Try the chicken Xacuti and the sannas and you won’t go wrong. For dessert: bebinca. Take some time to speak to the owner Margarida Tavora with whom is always a pleasure to speak to.
To find out about the other delicacies that this restaurant has, you will have to watch this program.



Episode 20

Joaquim Correia – Hora dos Portugueses

Joaquim Correia is a man of the world and is now in Pune. His experience of life is amazing and one should meet him personally to find out more.


Episode 21

Helga and Antonio – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Helga and António met at the University of Aveiro 20 years back. After the first experience abroad with the Erasmus program, they decided to work always abroad. Now they are living in Pune for the last 3 years.



Episode 22

Carmelino Machado – Hora dos Portugueses

Carmelino Machado lives between Portugal and Goa and recently decided to import olive oil from Portugal which he gave the name of “Azeite do Reino”. This is just the first product. He has plans for much more.



Episode 23

Zaro Delgado – Hora dos Portuguese

Zaro Delgado was born in Goa but went to Portugal to study. There he married and worked for many years. Now during his retired life he decided to come back to the land where he was born and pass on the heritage to his grandchildren.


Episode 24

Schubert Cotta and family – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Schubert Cotta is one of the few musicians who knows to play the Portuguese Guitar in India.
We met him and his family and found out how his interest for Portuguese music and the portuguese guitar was born and nurtured.



Episode 25

Mónica Reis – Hora dos Portugueses

Mónica Reis visisted more than 400 churches in the whole of India and is now developing a project which will allow these churches to be mantained properly as they are part of our common heritage. Her mission is to not only to preserve the heritage but take this message to the Goans.


Episode 26

Delfim Correia da Silva – Hora dos Portugueses

Delfim Correia da Silva is the director of the Camões Institute in Goa. The institute offers portuguese langauge courses, but also have other activities. Find out more in this program.



Episode 27

Hugo Cardoso – Hora dos Portugueses

Hugo Cardoso has dedicated himself, for several years, to the study of Linguistics. He has many research works to his credit in India, namely in Shri Lanka and is now in Goa as a guest lecturer of the Portuguese department of Goa University. Hugo shared with us some interesting aspects of his research.



Episode 28

Vasco Negreiros – Hora dos Portugueses (3min and 8min)

Vasco Negreiros is a composer and Portuguese music conductor. He is in Goa developing many projects. He is working with the Goa University choir and also learning Indian classical music. Find out more about his work in this episode.


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