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Lotus Film & TV Production together with Communicare Trust organized a workshop for children in Aldona.

This workshop aimed to create awareness on waste segregation and recycling at the village level. In the long run, both parties hope that the workshop helps the participants make their home a point of first stage segregation, encouraging them and their families to reduce the amount of garbage accumulation. This in turn will lower the strain borne by the CCP.

Communicare Trust started in 2005 as a language learning centre and over the years, expanded to other cultural arenas such as puppet making, traditional dances, animation, film-making and so on. Presently, the garbage dilemma has been plaguing the state for several years and hence Communicare Trust and Lotus Film & TV Production decided to contribute to improving the situation by implementing recycling and segregation methods in each household by one of their favourite mediums: animation! Together we have organized other animation workshops in the past and they proved to be very effective especially when there is an important message to share. It also proved to catch the children’s attention very easily.

On the first day of the workshop, a few animation movies that have already been done with waste were shown to the participants to give them a heads up and inspire ideas to create their own movies. Communicare Trust also organized a few activities to teach segregation in an informal way and discuss the different scrap materials that can be collected from home and used in this project. On the latter days, the children started creating characters in their stories while Lotus Film & TV Production team filmed and put together four movies.   On the last day, the movies were screened for the parents, other residents of Aldona and now they are available on youtube.

The children were selected from St. Thomas Boys School, St. Thomas Girls School and Auxilium School . While some paid a basic entry fee, those coming from financially backward families were sponsored by various friends.

We hope these videos inspires you to teach your children the importance of segregating and re-using waste.



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