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Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Director | Producer
She is born in Lisbon and moves to Goa in 1998. Tries a career as an importer of Portuguese goods and inaugurated the first store dealing exclusively with Portuguese imports – christened “A Nau” – but soon realizes that this is not where she wants to be in life. Life has to be more than food.
So, she opens an NGO by the name of “Communicare Trust” because, if nothing else, she believes in the unifying force of language. As the main driving force in this Trust, she conceptualized several innovative projects, amongst them a television quiz involving different languages, conceptualization and design of theaters in orphanages to popularize languages (other than local Indian languages) and stop motion movies using waste. 

She teaches Portuguese, publishes books and translates others but,

nothing gives her more joy than bringing a new story to the screen.

In 2006 she was presented with an opportunity to showcase Goa to a Portuguese speaking audience via the RTPi (Rádio Televisão Portuguesa Internacional). She directed, anchored and produced 75 documentaries that showcased different aspects of Goan culture, architecture, cuisine and economics, a project that continued up to 2011. She hasn’t stopped since.

In fact, she does not like to put her work on pause, not even to relax, unless it is to watch a movie. And at the end credits, press play on her own story.
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Gasper D'Souza


A rolling stone. That could sum up Gasper’s career projectile. But while other stones gather all the moss, Gasper has been out learning new tricks, seeking new adventures, and moving boundaries.

At the core, Gasper has always loved storytelling, ever since he first wrote short stories for the school magazine. At the turn of the millennium, Gasper joined an English daily to head the web edition. Over the course of his 7-year newspaper stint, he coded the website, redesigned the newspaper, wrote features for the Sunday edition and produced photo-documentaries for print and web editions.

Then, in 2007, at the start of the DSLR revolution, he decided to test the waters in video. Soon, he was shooting and producing video features from across India for France-based Euronews Television. He felt just as much at home in rural India as in corporate boardrooms, telling untold stories of development, education and healthcare in an India that was seeing rapid growth and change.

Working with other filmmakers as editor, Gasper soon realised he loved finding connections and helping bring more stories to life. In the dark confines of the edit suite, he found new adventures, pursing through hours of rushes and building sequences. So, he turned his attention to documentary film editing.

Today, he has set up a boutique post-production studio in his hometown on the coast of Goa, where he quietly helps directors bring visions to the screen. The rolling stone continues to roll, and each day brings new interests to pursue and adventures to seek.