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Short Films

We Love What We Do

We always look at feature films as a progression over short movies. I believe that short movies can be much more powerful than feature movies and leave an indelible impression on our lives.


Abir dreams of being a football player but things go awry for the 12 years old boy when his coach tells him that he needs to have his football…


In the euphoria that followed Goa’s takeover by India in 1961, many Goans burnt their Portuguese passports in public demonstrations organised by freedom fighters…

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As an educationist, I believe that documentaries are an effective way to bridge the gap between worlds and cultures. It is the awakening of the curiosity towards the OTHER. From then onwards the door is open


Water is the basis of life on earth. This valuable resource is freely available to us, but yet we face an extreme shortfall in…

Dances Of goa

Travelling through the villages of Goa, a team of youngsters unveil the rich culture of Goa, through dance…

Special Envoy

An unlikely yet indelible friendship is forged between two opposite characters: an Indian journalist and intellectual…

The Club

Goa since the second half of the 19th century has been the font of valued human resource export…

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TV Series

Contacto Goa

Hora dos Portugueses