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Kantar Goa

I am officially presenting my documentary on 24th May 2024.


Upcoming Screening of the Club :

15 January : 12:35

THE CLUB at Serendipity

GOA FAMILIA, Excise Building, Panjim :

18 December : 6PM

20 December : 6PM

22 December : 6PM


Upcoming Screening of the Club :

7 Nov 2023 – 23H
12 Nov 2023 – 03H05
16 Nov 2023 – 10H05

25th Madurai International documentary and short film festival

THE CLUB is selected for the 25th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival.

Your way international film festival

Oct 2023 – The Club is selected for Your Way International Film Festival.

12th Lusophone Film Festival

The Club will be screening at ESG as part of the 12th Lusophone Film Festival.

Museum Of Goa

27 August 2023 – MOG, Pilerne Industrial Estate.

screening of THE CLUB

15th June 2023 – Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany 

30th June 2023 – São Paulo University, Brazil

4th July 2023 –  São Paulo University, Brazil

5th July 2023 – Casa de Goa, Lisbon, Portugal

Goa in Film

The Club is going to be screened on 5th February in Goa.

16th Jaipur International Film Festival

The Club has been nominated for the 16th Jaipur International Film Festival

Special Envoy is going to be screened on 17th August in Jaipur.

The Club

Upcoming Exhibition of the Club :
May 2022 – Vic Art House, Aveiro
Aug 2022 – Mauritius
24 August to 26 August – Jaipur International Film festival
Dec 2021 – in Dar (before Abu Dhabi)


A Documentary that portrays the life of Goans in Tanzania and The Club that united them

Bread and Belonging

The film will be available for viewing online in the UK only on
1 st July for 24 hours


Our film Bread and Belonging tells the story of food, culture and migration through the lens of Goa’s unique bread, pão.  As Goa, India’s smallest state comes to grip with growing migration, 3 stories unfold around its pão. Stories of people dealing with migration, changing culture and the need to earn a living.

Catch its UK premiere at the London Indian Film Festival 2021. The film will be available for viewing online in the UK only on 1st July for 24 hours

You can catch it at Rich Mix, London on 29th July at 8pm Check the festival website for further details and purchase of tickets

Special envoy

The documentary  SPECIAL ENVOY  will be screened on
23 June 2021 at 14:25
6 June 2021 at 01:15
6 July 2021 at 13:40


An unlikely yet indelible friendship is forged between two opposite characters: an Indian journalist and intellectual; and an African male nurse, who would later become the most charismatic African leader of his time. This friendship would change the course of History and forge the guiding path for their followers. In 1986 death claims them both in a tragic accident – a case yet to be solved. This is their story.