Lotus Film Goa

Featured Documentary


55min | 2021

Director | Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Co-Authors| Nalini Elvino de Sousa & Pedro Pombo


Goa since the second half of the 19th century has been the font of valued human resource export to Africa and Macau.

This documentary brings to life various facets of this era: the shared spaces, the shared life stories, and the travails of this Goan diaspora in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

Nominated for best documentary in Pan African Youth Film & Arts Festival, 2022

Won the second prize for best documentary in the 16th Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF), 2022

Premier: 13th November 2021 – International
Indian Ocean conversations, University of Bayreuth, Germany

12th December 2021 – Dar Es Salaam
Institute (DI), Dar, Tanzania

25th March 2022 – NYU University, Abu
Dhabi, UAE

9th May 2022 – Meyes music to our eyes, INETmd, University of Aveiro – VIC Art House, Aveiro, Portugal

3rd August 2022 – Archipelagic Memory:
Intersecting Geographies Histories and Disciplines, University of Mauritius,

10th November 2022 – Goa Heritage
Festival, Campal, Goa, India

10th November 2022 – premiered on RTP2 (Portuguese television – Chanel 2), Portugal

Director | Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Co-authors | Nalini Elvino de Sousa and Pedro Pombo

Producers | Nalini Elvino de Sousa, Jacinta Barros, Rui Simões

Camera | Namitha Nair, Kaushtub R. Hundekar, Vikas Urs, Agnelo Gonsalves, Abdul Jafary

Drone | Abdul Jafary

Sound Recording | Alok Kotian, Ravi Kumar

Sound Mastering | Ravi Kumar

Editor | Gasper D’Souza

Animation | Sofia Ferreira

Colour correction | Francisco Costa

Research team: Clara Rodrigues, Pedro Pombo

Author of the DI drawing | Sarah Merkes

Musicians | Steven Sequeira – piano, Alan Joseph Abreu – voice and keyboard, Brian Bones – voice and bass, Laury Pires – voice and tamborim, Sabby – voice and guitar, Sigmund de Souza – voice and guitar, Lenon Pires – djembe, Adrian D’Souza – guitar, Alex D’Souza – drums, Alvin D’Souza – bass, Clifford Mascarenhas – keyboard, larina D’Souza – voice, Braz Gonsalves – saxofone

Music | Holy Grace – Braz Gonsalves, In the Mood – Glenn Miller

Institutional Archives |RTP, AP, Freemantle, Huntley Films

Private Archives | Mervyn Lobo, Adrien Roden, Sabby Almeida, Judy Luis-Watson, Library of Congress – Matson Photograph Collection, Library of Northwestern University – UN Collection, Antonio Menezes, Brian Bones, Torrence Royer

Special acknowledgements | Judy Luis-Watson, Mervyn Lobo, Selma Carvalho

Acknowledgements | Dar Es Salaam Institute (DI), Maria Meireles, Neville Trindade, Parvesh Java, Sonia Filinto, Tina d’Mello Sequeira