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Hora Dos Portugueses

Oscar Nazareth is a young enterprising man who started his own liqueur named Armada. First released on RTPi: 1th December 2015.

Diniz Sanchez is a Portuguese choreographer who has been in Goa many times. In November 2015 he worked with Communicare Trust

Portuguese language in Goa is being taught for more than 15 years thanks to the support of Fundação Oriente and teachers like Gisela Fernandes.

Teaching Portuguese in Goa made students aware of fado (traditional portuguese song) and today Goa has some good voices who sing fado.

Eduardo and Fernanda traveled the whole India with a scooter. This is their story. First released on RTPi: 18th January 2016.

Carlos Barroca is the vice president of NBA in Mumbai. That particular Sunday he was at Sony Six studio as a commentator. We met him.

Gonçalo Morna opened a pastry shop by the name NATA which sells, amongst other delicious snacks, the famous custard pie (pastel de nata).

Ana and Rahool Panandiker have been the great support of the Portuguese community in Mumbai. Ana has shifted with her family 5 years

The lusophonia in Goa is a reality. We met in 3 days people from Mozambique, Brasil, Portugal and Macau. We met Emidio Josine - a photographer from Mozambique

Leonel da Silva opened a place in Anjuna where he sells grilled chicken cooked the Portuguese way. He shares the space with another Portuguese

Eurico Gonçalves was the national champion of longboard in Portugal in 2008 and now is in Mandrem (Goa) to teach surf.

Rui Bastos is living proof of the old saying "it's a small world after all" Not only is he a Portuguese citizen working for an Indian Business Giant, Reliance India,

Natacha de Sá is the heart and soul of Trilogy Nightclub in Mumbai. She is Portuguese and has been living in Goa for a few years.

Carla Teixeira lives in Pune and is the driving force of the first Vivafit gym that has opened recently in this city. She is a very simple,

Patricia Abrantes, was born in Switzerland, but her parents are Portuguese. She fell in love with India and decided to move to Pune with her fiancée who is Indian.

Sidh Mendiratta is doing his post-doc about the presence of Portuguese in Mumbai and travels regularly between Goa and Mumbai.

Sonia Shirsat has a new project: Fado in the city. The aim is to create a new audience and new fado singers. The project is halfway through

Gilda Machado - the dynamic Portuguese teacher of Chowgule College. This is her story.

Nostalgia is a well known restaurant in Goa. For those who want to experiment Goan food, we would advise to try apa de camarão or chicken xacuti.

Joaquim Correia is a man of the world. Now he is in Pune.

Helga and António met 20 years back in Aveiro University. After the first experience through Erasmus, they decided to built their career

Carmelino Machado lives between Portugal and Goa and recently decided to import olive oil which he baptized Azeite do Reino.

Zaro Delgado was born in Goa but studied in Portugal where he decided to stay. Now that he is retired he wants to spend more time in Goa.

Schubert Cotta is one of the few musicians who knows to play the Portuguese Guitar in India. We met him and his family and found out

Mónica Reis has already visited more than 400 igrejas in the whole of India and is developing a Project which will allow to preserve

Carlos Barroca is the vice president of NBA in Mumbai. That particular Sunday he was at Sony Six studio as a commentator.

Hugo Cardoso has been dedicating his study to linguistics. Has researched extensively in Sri Lanka and Kerala and now he is in Goa.

Vasco Negreiros is a portuguese conductor and is in Goa working with the Goa University choir. He is also learning Hindustani music.

Pedro Pombo is an anthropologist and is teaching in one of the most modern institutions of India - the IIT of Gandhinagar.

Mónica Saavedra is studying the Healthcare system of Goa from 1920 to 1987. Why these period of time?

Rosa Maria Perez - a well known Portuguese anthropologist - is in Goa for one more interesting project.

Monte Festival is a reference in the cultural scenario of Goa. This year the festival celebrated 15 years. Find out about more about how everything started

Ethnomusicology is a branch not well known. Susana Sardo from the University of Aveiro gives us a hint about it.

"Pensando Goa" (Thinking Goa) is a multi- faceted project that connects 7 different countries and wants to give a new voice to Portuguese literature around the world.

Vanessa Antunes and José Pestana have been researching about the paintings of 16th and 17th century. We met them at Museum of Christian

Célia Mendes is a lecturer at Delhi University and in the Cultural Centre in the Portuguese embassy in Delhi.

Mauro and Megha live in Delhi for the past 11 years. The run a leather shoe factory and are doing pretty well. This is their story.

Constantino Xavier is working at the foundation Carnigie in Delhi. His passion for India started long ago. Find out how.

If you want to know the difference between architecture and art, watch this episode. Pedro Cunha is Portuguese and is living in Delhi at the moment.

Sara Paz and Silvia de Luigi have developed a very interesting workshop in Goa with children from 7 to 12yrs old.

Catarina India or Chanchal Sharma is an Indian National from Delhi who learnt Portuguese and got a job in Delhi where Portuguese is a must.

José Maria Muller e Sousa came to Goa in search of his roots but also to work at Instituto Camões where is has been developing interesting events and courses.

Sidh Mendiratta and Fernando Velho have a huge project in hand - reconstruct virtually an unknown church in Chimbel.

Fatima Figueiredo and his son Pedro came to Goas with one aim: mantain the old ancestral house with more than 400 years and show it to the world.

Michel Baltazar came to Mumbai to change his life and what a change!

Nuno Oliveira is a photographer and lives in Mumbai - the perfect city for someone who loves to travel. Find out why.

Everything started with a trip to India 12 years back.

MaryJo is Goan but sings in Portuguese. Her grandfather, who was portuguese, taught her the language but also to sing.

Tiago and Kritika married recently in Delhi and moved to Portugal where Kritika is going to open a Bollywood company.

Communicare Trust has been making a huge effort to keep the Portuguese language "alive and kicking".

Vem Cantar is a very well known portuguese singing competition in Goa. This year the participation exceeded all expectations:

Pedro Serra e Silva is a cello teacher whose mission is to create a group of cello teachers in Goa and other parts of the world.

Sonia Indigo fell in love and decided to move to Kerala. She teaches reiki, yoga, numerology, astrology etc.

Ana Bernardo and Pedro Russo are parto f the festival "The Story Of". After the "Story of Light"

Sonia Shirsat with the support of the group Taj hotel started a Project which will change the life of fado in Goa.

Omar de Loiola Pereira is a Goan who loves Portuguese music specially Rui Veloso. He has a duo with Errol but

Pedro Moutinho was in Goa with his musicians. It was a magical moment at Capela do Monte. The concerto was organized by Fundação Oriente

Simão Conceição lives in India for the past 1 year, but left Portugal 5 years back. He works for the portuguese company Sodecia

Mandovi Hotel is the oldest hotel in Goa and was built in 1952. They are known for their authentic Goan food

Darryl Pereira is a Goan businessman who found love in Portugal. Now he travels between both countries trying to create bridges between both.

Luis Alvarães was in Goa researching for a new documentary about gender inequality. The movie will be shot by the end of this year

A pioneer researcher in the fields of botany, pharmacology, tropical medicine and anthropology,

Padel is a new sport in India and thanks to Bhavish Bachu and João Lourenço there are already two padel courts in Bangalore.

Vera Leite was a DJ and then became a personal trainer. Everything happened in Bangalore where she married.

Camila Huret has been living in Bangalore for 7 years with her family. She is Portuguese but feels at home in Bangalore.

Rui Andrade da Cabeçudos in Portugal and Communicare Trust in Goa- Índia came together to create stories with

Short Documentary Episode 67 Short Version: 3 min 12’’ I Long Version: 7 min 46’’ | 2018 Director I Nalini Elvino de

Susana Mateus and Miguel Lourenço are in Goa studying the presence of the Franciscan order in Asia. They spoke to Andrew Pegado to know more about the All Saints Procession and made several visits to the Archives of Goa.

Fábio Ferreira is completely dedicated to the Sreenidhi Football Academy that has recently started its work in Hyderabad.

Vitor Monteiro is Portuguese and decided to come to India to work, more3 specifically to Hyderabad. He has an interesting story to tell us.

Ana Cláudia came to Goa to give a workshop to the Portuguese teachers. From Goa she went to Delhi. She has also been in US and Canada and realized the teachers in India are quite different from those in US, Canada or even Europe.

Sara Pinto is studying an interesting topic in Goa: the role of the misericórdias of Goa from the financial point of view.

Nuno Lobito believes in the present and not in the future. He believes that our life is made one step at a time. He visited all the countries in the world and took photos of all that he has seen.

Maria do Céu teached Portuguese the whole life and after retiring she decided to write a Portuguese grammar in two. Languages.

Elisabete an Dora are the most selfless people I ever met. I was a pleasure to be with them and produce their story for Hora dos Portugueses.

Beatriz Silva travelled a lot around the world but it is the first time in India. She is working in Delhi for an NGO and has some interesting experiences to share.

Eric and Raquel live in Delhi for the past 5 years. Eric works for a company that produces textiles for shoes and Raquel helps many NGO's in the city. An interesting couple.

After completing her studies, Matilde Meyers decided to take a 1 years break to do volunteering. She chose Goa and her projects are worth to know. Find out here.

The Kavi technique is a traditional Goan technique which is disappearing. José Artur Pestana is in Goa to make sure that this does not happen. Find out more in this episode.

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier is celebrated every year on 3rd December. Goencho Saib as he is known attracts many people from around the world to the feast. Find out more in this episode.

Cecília Costa studied maths, but is an artist. These two subjects are very clear in her drawings and the concept of symmetry

Francisco Sousa is a lawyer but he is an excellent singer as well. He owns the only restaurant in Goa who serves only Portuguese food - Casa Portuguesa.

Messias Tavares has been able to promote Portuguese culture through dance. His group Alegria has travelled all over the world

Filipe Monteiro talks about a very interesting issue: the issue of Dysthanasia.

Fado de Goa is a project created by Sonia Shirsat where Sonia teaches fado to anyone who wants to learn this genre of music.

Maria do Carmo Piçarra is a a researcher and was recently in Goa. She is researching about the propaganda movies during the colonial period

Maria Meireles came to Goa to teach singing to children and end up creating a fantastic musical named RAGA ROCK.

Teresa Teves Reis explains the interesting work that ASI with a team that came from Portugal, are undertaking in Old Goa.

A Fundação Oriente e a Communicare Trust joint hand in a very exciting project: a Portuguese mobile library.

In Mumbai or Bombay how it used to be known, there are still a few wards that maintain their architecture since Portuguese time.

Minguel Braganza is an agronomist who loves mangoes and knows everything about this fruit. Find out more about mangoes in Goa with Minguel.

Julieta Andrade was a Portuguese teacher. Now she is retired, but she has done commendable work which is worth sharing.

From being a radio personality, Maria Fernanda da Costa e Sousa, decided to write books. She wrote two cooking books,

Learn about this wonderful Centre where you will find a little bit of Goa in the form of literature, ceramics, music and gastronomy.

José Carlos Gracias started as an architect but soon realized that it was not the career he wanted to follow. Started singing and playing

David Franjoso was in Goa and withness the 3 popular feasts: St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter. He finds out what they have in common

Oswaldo Souza is living in Banglore for the last 4 years. He feels he has learn a lot in India and he explains why.

José Pereira Névoa has been living in Bangalore for 4 years and have learnt a lot in India. Here are some of the lessons in life he learnt.

Ângela Barreto Xavier was in Goa University and talked about the importance of the communication between the Portuguese

Alison Lobo is baking her own breqad for the last one year and a half. Now she is teaching Goans how to make bread.

The Bandra feast celebrates the birthday of Mother Mary. The community of Bandra comes together. This is how they celebrate the day.

How art tell us a story? Fernando Baptista Pereira unveils the mystery.

Ana Margarida has a wonderful environmental project. She tell us all about it.

João and Bernarda are living in Mumbai and teaching in an IB School. The experience has been really good and so far

Vasco Silveira nasceu em Angola. Tem um restaurante que se chama FERRADURA e que serve comida portuguesa e de Goa.

Elsabete e Dora were in India last year and they promise to come back, but this time, not alone. 13 volunteers accompanied them

Chantelle Gomez is passionate about India and is this episode you will understand why.

Ângela Berlinde is an artist and photographer. She developed a work of art in Aldona which brought to the forefront a new technique: photo painting.

Sonia Filinto's new documentary about bread is an eye opener about not only the origin of pao, but about our own identity as Goans.

The story of the Azulejo in the East is very interesting. From the East went to the West and returned again to the East, Goa very recently.

The first Portuguese cooking workshop with live music in IHM was a huge sucess. The participants not only learnt how to cook

Rosa Perez is researching about the Goan photographer Krishna Navelkar. She confide to us the hurdles to identify the photophapher and his studio.

Fundação Oriente completed its 25th anniversary in India. Here are some of the highlights.

Rão Kyao was recently in Goa but for him coming to Goa is something which is not new to him. Find out more in this episode.

A very interesting film festival named Once upon a time in Goa was held recently in Fundação Oriente.

Ivo Moreira is in Goa working on a series of paintings about the sadhus of India. He also is painting portraits of well known intelletuals and artists.

Cafe Nostalgia opened recently in Fontainhas. It's a beautiful little place that serve, amongst many other delicacies, the Portuguese tart and expresso.

Caravela is a small cafe in Panjim which serves coffee and delicious snacks. Today they have their own coffee brand: LATIN QUARTER

I met Maria Meireles when she just arrived in Goa, 2 years back. A lot has happened since then. Today she is married and launched her first album with her husband.

I visited this exhibition many times, but with Angela Trindade's work, there was a new perspective to it. I truly enjoyed it.

Monte Music Festival is part of my life. I have been there amongst the audience, I have been there as the presenter and this time, I was behind the camera.

Natasha Fernandes is the curator of the Christian Art Museum in the Holy Hill and has started walks to create interest in our history. Find out more in this episode.

Sherwyn learnt Portuguese in school, but never spoke outside the classroom till he started singing fado.

Marlene Menezes doesn't have a cooking course, but she likes to cook, especially Portuguese cuisine. She has family in Portugal and a sixth sense for business.

Célia and Ruben Vasco da Gama are an exemplary couple who restored an old ancestral house that has been open to the public for the last 15 years.

Emanuel Maia has a vision for Pearl Academy and that is what makes him so special. An inspirational interview not to miss.

Nata started by being a cafe but it is now transformed itself into a restaurant with many traditional dishes like seafood rice,

Padaria Prazeres is the new place to be. Ralph Prazeres, the owner, is a super chef and innovated the pastry in Goa introducing a lot of sweets.

Viveka and Virginia de Melo studied Portuguese as a foreign language and participated continuously in activities related to Portuguese language.

I was marvelled with Pedro Capela. Irrespective of what he does, he is a wonderful human being and we need more people like him. Get to know him in this episode.

Diniz Sanchez is living in India for a long time and his wish is to stay here forever. He loves India and is complete in tune with the philosophy of India.

Recently Fundação Oriente donated equipment to Goa Medical College (GMC) helping to fight COVID. Dra Mimi Silveira.

Fernando and Griselda serve mouth-watering meals at their home in Margao. Our team was lucky to be invited for one such event.

The Portuguese singing competition is one of the highs of Portuguese music in Goa. The pandemic clamped down on this “live” festival,

João Freitas is the project manager of the Spanish company CICE and works close to Delhi in an international project (setting up security cameras and communications.

José Vila Real came to work in India 12 years back and does not regret it for a minute. Started life in a shoe factory in Tamil Nadu and more recently (2019) joined a Spanish shoe factory operating in Delhi.

Fundação Oriente has been supporting the cause of Portuguese language in Goa for the last 24 years and has dedicated a prize for the best Portuguese students in their respective classes.

For a tourist who comes to Goa for the first time, the beaches, hippies and the trance music are 3 “must see” facets of Goa. If you go to Anjuna beach you have to meet DJ Tinker at any trance event.

Maria Meireles first came to Goa in 2018 and ended up marrying here. She then returned to Portugal in 2020, but visited Goa again

The hotel Cidade de Goa is the oldest hotel in Goa dedicated to promoting fado. These performances are held in a very special place: the restaurant Alfama whose

Eduardo Falcão is a Phd Student at Aveiro University and who is now in Goa for a short stint. Eduardo is part of the team Liber |

The Indo-Portuguese Friendship Society has been promoting cultural activities in Goa since 1989 with the aim of keeping alive Portuguese

Entre Nós is a musical group of 3 musicians which performs primarily in Konkani - which is Goa’s mother tongue – but also in Portuguese including fado.

Sabor is the name of the new café that opened in Goa that aims to bring Portuguese flavours to this state in India. The most

Sigmund de Souza was born in Zanzibar island. Son of Goan parents who migrated to Tanzania, returned to Goa when he was very young.

The Trindade Collection was donated to Fundação Oriente in 2004, by Antonio Xavier Trindade foundation. For many years the Trindade family

Marina Nédio first started teaching Portuguese in Goa in 2007 with the association Communicare Trust, and since then never stopped.

Mrinalini Tewari is at Fundação Oriente to present her documentary “Ruins and Mortal remains” which portrays the Christian community

Paulo Gomes is the new delegate of Fundação Oriente. One of his first endeavour was to assign Institute Camões the challenging

Every year without exception, Fundação Oriente and Rosary College in Navelim, organize the Portuguese singing competition which

Between 2008 and 2022, Nuno Lopes visited Goa several times. What began as research for his master's degree

Manuel Wiborg has been scheduled to come to Goa for the past two years at the invitation of the Fundação Oriente, but due to Covid

The Mondelifestyle is a company that started in Dubai. When they wanted to open a branch in India, Cristiano was invited to join the team.

In 2016, the intriguing Cunha Rivara Chair was born, embarking on an intellectual journey now deeply entrenched in its third phase.

The Camões Center for Portuguese Language in Goa has played a fundamental role in promoting the reading of Portuguese authors,

Discover the musical world of Senza, a dynamic duo comprising Nuno Caldeira and Catarina Duarte. With a unique fusion of sounds, they've crafted

Sonia Shirsat, the renowned fado singer from Goa, made a milestone by inaugurating, in 2016, a groundbreaking fado course.

Vasco Silveira, born in Angola to Goan parents, was on an unexpected journey when he returned to Goa to accompany his parents after a brief stay in Portugal.

Venturing into the realm of sports in Goa, Cristiano Ronaldo emerges as a prominent figure in the football scene, despite cricket reigning as the national

In 2021, Marta Francisco first set foot in Goa and immediately forged a profound connection with the region. So compelling was this bond that she

Beatriz Quaresma has encountered challenges and opportunities far beyond what she could have imagined. Her journey has been an incredible

This year, the Lusophone Film Festival in Goa gained prominence by integrating the inauguration of the Indo-Portuguese Moments, a joint initiative

Marina Nédio is immersed in her doctoral studies at the University of Aveiro, focusing on researching the linguistic landscapes of Goa.

In an innovative initiative, Camōes formalized an understanding agreement with Shivaji University in Kolhapur, marking a crucial moment

On February 3rd, Braz Gonsalves turned 90. The event in Goa marked the visionary musician's 90th birthday, a celebration of a musician who delved into the roots of the fusion of American jazz and Indian ragas, a tradition he helped