Lotus Film Goa

Short Film


37 min 46’’ | 2012

Director | Aftab khan Farooqui


In the euphoria that followed Goa’s takeover by India in 1961, many Goans burnt their Portuguese passports in public demonstrations organised by freedom fighters.

Fast forward to now and throwing cinematic light on this subject, this short and cleverly narrated film tells the story of a young village raised man who wishes to leave his India and move to Europe for better opportunities. His journey through the government offices in Goa and onto the streets of the world is portrayed through the color and humour of India in areas of Goa that seem like the shadow of beautiful Portugal. The film takes the face of a mind opening narrative, told through the life of this young ambitious Goan man. With culturally rich footage from both countries, it celebrates his linkage to Portugal while retaining, willingly or otherwise, his history with Indian citizenship.

International Film Festival of India, 22nd Nov 2014

Marathi Film Festival, 2013, won 2nd prize

Fundação Oriente, 2014

St. Xavier College, Mapusa, 2013

Maquinez Palace, Panjim, 2013

Producer|Lotus fim & TV Production
Director| Aftab Khan Farooqui
Screenplay| Aftab Khan Farooqui
Director of photography| John Lino
Editors| Prasheela Achrekar & Nalini Elvino de Sousa
Animation| Animation and Art School of Goa
Drawings| late Mario Miranda
Soundtrack designers| Jaideep Whabi & Ashley Luis Mathias Fernandes
Konkani soundtrack| Só Nós
Sound Mixing| Studio 52, Goa
Cast| Shanawaz: Shanawaz
           Rajesh R. Pednekar: Zuao
           Dutta Palekar: Dutta
           Aftab Khan Farooqui: Charlie
           Narration: Aftab Khan Farooqui
           On Saxophone: Ashley Luis Mathias Fernandes
           The Notary: Agnelo D’Costa
           Officer: Ismenia de Veiga Coutinho
           Man in the bus: Mandar M. Fatarpekar
           Translator: Kiran Kumar Bhandari
           Scooter Buyer: Daegal Godinho
           Man peeing: Deen Yalvaro
           Family on the bike: Ashok L Pherwani and family
           In Paris: Nizar N.K
           Paris musician: Jacques De Kera
           Heartbreakers: Isabela Melina Whaley, Victorya Reutova,
Kateryna Sadomovska,
                                       Daraius Buhariwala, Alice
Saphengthong, Zhenya Marenych
Balcao dialogue| Mario Coelho
Titles| Raviraj Naik
Subtitles and credits| Prasheela Achrekar
Tamil Voice| Rickson Johnson
Hampi visuals| Francisco Veres Machado


Aftab | John | Paklo Short Movie | Lotus Film Goa
Screening at Fundação Oriente Feb 2014 | Paklo Short Movie | Lotus Film Goa
Marathi Film Festival Jul 2013 | Paklo Short Movie | Lotus Film Goa
Paklo | Short Movie | Lotus Film Goa | Aftab khan Farooqui | Director